Honoring our commitment to preserving our natural habitat.

Fresh, wild-caught Mississippi Gulf Fresh Seafood is the pride of the state, supporting many generations of fishermen. It’s a sustainable, domestic resource helping to preserve not only the local fishing community, but also the state and the American economy.

To ensure the quality and longevity of our supply, we’ve enacted extensive fisheries management practices ensure you receive not only a superior product, but also a seafood that’s environmentally sustainable in all our major fisheries.

Smart Seafood Sustainability:

  • Practical Fisheries Management
  • Permanent Protected Areas
  • Seasonal Closures
  • Gear Restrictions
  • Quotas and monthly tissue on all species of shrimp, crab, oysters, and finfish.


Knowledge is power. At the MSU Coastal Research and Extension Center, more than 70 members of the Mississippi Gulf Seafood industry put our strong knowledge of seafood to work.

A unique mix of state-certified seafood dealers and processors, Mississippi Department of Marine Resources seafood officers and educators, and Mississippi State Department of Health personnel attended the first-ever Safe Seafood Assurance Workshop. The program provided all in attendance with sound evidence of all the good things being done to ensure quality catches in the Gulf every day.