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Since long before settlers came ashore in Mississippi by the boatload, our nutrient-rich waterways of have acted as the lifeblood of the area. For generations, fishing, shrimping and sharing our wild-caught seafood has been a way of life for people here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The Mississippi Gulf Seafood industry profoundly shaped the history and culture of the coast by attracting immigrant groups – Slovenians, Cajuns and Vietnamese – to the area. As far back as 1869, Biloxi was already such a thriving community that it became known as the “Seafood Capitol of the World.”

While times have changed, our rich traditions and commitment to our seafood industry, its families, and our state haven’t. Today, our culture is made up of a blend of traditions carried on by people who pride themselves on our history and heritage. It’s a culture developed over hundreds of years of life along the Mississippi waterways. Our seafood continues to be a superior product grown in our waters by Mother Nature and harvested by local fisherman. It has the taste, texture and quality that stands out from the rest.

When you purchase Mississippi Gulf Seafood, you’re not only getting the highest-quality seafood, you’re supporting our rich local culture and our unique way of life.