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Thorough inspections ensure that every catch meets the highest standards of quality and flavor.

Working hand in hand with Mississippi Gulf Seafood partners is key to bringing you the fresh, flavorful seafood you expect from us.

By performing courtesy visits of seafood markets and making regulatory inspections of processing facilities to examine and continuously monitor conditions, we’re working with the seafood industry to ensure every product sold is of the highest quality.

What’s more, each month we actively sample Mississippi Gulf Blue Crabs,  Finfish, Shrimp and Oysters for additional proactive quality control



 With Mississippi Gulf Fresh Seafood, you’re choosing one of the highest quality seafoods in the world.

Fishing is our love and our livelihood here in Mississippi. Delivering quality seafood every day is something we practice heart and soul.

From operational inspections with our fishermen to fishery management practices that ensure all of our major fisheries are environmentally sustainable, a wealth of programs are in place to ensure our goal of bringing quality seafood to your table is always achieved.